MusicBoxMusic - 2016 | walter lang

MusicBoxMusic - 2016 

Trio ELF


Walter Lang piano & sfx    Peter Cudek  bass     Gerwin Eisnehauer drums

Enja/Yellowbird Records 2016

01 Emptiness 6.31 Peter Cudek 02 Krumm 3.55 Gerwin Eisenhauer03 Prélude To Elf Police 1.51Walter Lang jun.04 The Elf Police 5.13 Walter Lang jun.05 Tripolis 3.34 Walter Lang jun.06 Salutation to the Sun 6.45 Peter Cudek07 Usain 2.58 Walter Lang jun.08 Lullaby for a weakling child 3.29 Gerwin Eisenhauer09 Dança da Fita 5.20 Walter Lang jun.10 Stadium 4.27 Gerwin Eisenhauer11 Suq 5.06 Walter Lang jun.

Recorded at Nilento Studio, Kållered, Sweden by Michael Dahlvid,

Mixed and Mastered at Nilento Studio, Kållered, Sweden by Lars Nilsson