WALTER LANG TRIO Moonlight Echoes 2015 | walter lang

WALTER LANG TRIO Moonlight Echoes 2015

Walter Lang Trio

Moonlight Echoes

Walter Lang: piano

Thomas Markusson: bass

Sebastian Merk: drums

Atelier Sawano 2015

 01. Sete Anéis

 02. I Didn't Know What Time It Was

 03. Every Time We Say Goodbye

 04. Dança Da Fita

 05. Alone Together

 06. Before the Storm

 07. What Makes the World Go 'Round

 08. Well, I Thought So

 09. Alberti

 10. I've Got the World on a String

 11. Semana Santa

 12. Where or When

 13. When the Day Is Gone